Soca Sitges

  • California cuisine (one of the healthiest in the world, they say)
  • Visit, relax and experience the true taste of California
  • Cocktails with recipes inspired by the cities of San Diego and Los Angeles
  • Freshest ingredients
  • Low fat, to provide a healthy, delicious menu
  • Cozy and relaxed atmosphere
  • Spacious restaurant serving:
    – Original Tacos
    – Delicious salads
    – Homemade nachos
    – Barbecue ribs
    – Monterrey Steaks
    – Seafood dishes
  • Perfect balance between price and quality
  • Drink or cocktail at the bar, or dinner, from 7pm, SoCa you can enjoy throughout the day and well into the night
  • Vibrant and colorful decor
  • Endless sunsets and amazing cliffs
  • The environment of the west coast surfer.

Let us take your senses to the shores of Malibu and Orange County